Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Far.......

M was excited when she came home from school =) She got alot of compliments about how cute she looked with braces! *Whew*
I have to agree....she does look cute!
I feel bad for her right now...her lips (inside) are all torn up and she has alot of sores right now. Her speech is affected by having the braces, it will be interesting to see if it lasts once she gets used to having all that metal in her mouth.
She feels like her lips are sticking way out, and before she got all those compliments, she was worried that everyone was staring at her.
(ya know how it is, when YOU know something is different about figure that everyone else knows and notices too)
She is still needing to take some Tylenol, and is using the mouth rinse the orthodontist gave her for the sores.
T is doing great! His braces dont seem to bother him *YEAH* and I love his "brace face smile" He loves to eat icecream and says it helps with the pain of braces.
(for the life of us....we couldnt get him to eat any icecream when he was crying from the pain of the spacers)
His lips are not torn up at all! Lucky kid! He is a pro at putting on the wax!

**Parent Note**
The kids have been told by the orthodontist that they can't chew ice! Forgive me while I jump up and down!!! I HATE hearing ice being chewed...its one of my pet peeves! Why OH Why didn't we do this sooner? lol

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